Revision 1 Update

This is just a quick post (if that’s possible) to check in and let you know where I am.

Today is September 25, 2017. A little over a month ago, I pledged to myself that I would finish 65,000 words of revision (which I thought would be the entire novel) by the end of September. I recently topped 54,000 words and I’ve got six days left. *squee*

When I’m finished, I’m allowed to get a game I have on lay-a-way at a local comic/game store (only $6 left on the lay-a-way), and I get to compile my novel and send it out to some beta readers. *double squee*

The revision process has been easier than the rough draft process, mostly because I know where I’m going. I’ve been through the forest once, and this time I’m mostly following the original path that I’ve blazed. I have entire new chapters and some chapters that are pretty close to the original rough draft. Most chapters are a mix of old and new. It has been a really interesting process.

I’m additionally progressing in my writing habits. I’ve consistently written every week. Some weeks have been better than others. Every week has good days, but every week also has had at least one day with zero words. The worst weeks have had three days with no writing. I have had six days with two thousand or more words revised, and one day with over four thousand. The zero days out number the 2k or greater days 9 to 7. 🙁 I have six more opportunities to correct this grievous injustice … or something melodramatic like that. I plans to overcome my deficits.

So if you don’t mind, I’m going to rush along. I’m not really even going to read over this post more than once or twice. I have novel revising to do.

Thanks and go forth to create something new 🙂

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