Flash Fiction – That Moment

When I first heard about the attack, the terrorists bombing the mall, of course the first thing I though was, “Is he OK?”

I was worried. Incredibly worried.

Really, I was. He was supposed to be there after all.

After hours of no news, I was falling apart. So out of desperation, I considered the worst.

“What if he is gone?”

“How would things be different?”

“What would life hold for me now that I’m older?”

That was when it hit me.

I didn’t want to be married any longer.

I wanted that life of freedom and uncertainty. I wanted it partly because it was dangerous, although not too dangerous since we are financially stable and the kids are grown. But I also wanted it partly because it was something new. Something fresh. Something exciting!

Once I considered all the implications¬†…¬†really considered them …

All I wanted was to be free.

© 2016, Joseph K Little. All rights reserved.

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